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The challenge with most company’s car promotion incentive
programs is that the company does not really purchase a
car for you. Instead, they require you to use your credit to
purchase, the car, and then give you extra money to cover
your payments as long as you remain qualified at a certain level in their company. And if you lose that qualification, they stop making your payments and you are stuck having to pay for it yourself. We don’t play those games.

For the FIRST TIME EVER, AliveMax introduces a REAL car incentive program. Once you qualify and maintain your qualification for 6 months, we buy you a car and you get to keep it FOREVER! No payments, no credit, no worries! Just an awesome car that is yours to keep for your hard work and effort!
*Volume is calculated based on your enroller tree only. Spillover volume from your upline does not count toward car promotion qualification. No more than 2/3 of the volume can come from one personal enrollee and his or her enroller tree. Car will be under two years new and have less than fifteen thousand miles on it. Volume is calculated based on a rolling 12 month time frame. You can qualify by achieving the volume requirements in any 12 month period. Must maintain volume qualification for six consecutive months to win a car. All cars include AliveMax logo on doors.
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